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Name:Sam Murphy (OC)
Birthdate:Jun 8
Location:United States of America
Sam Murphy. 30 years old. Professional ass-kicker, amateur bartender.

After nearly a decade of failed attempts to make her dreams come true, Sam is coming to terms with the fact that life has other plans for her. She's currently working as an athletic coach, teaching kickboxing, MMA, and wrestling, as well as taking appointments for personal training. When she can't get work in the gym, she makes extra cash as a bartender.

She doesn't talk about the cash fights, and when someone asks about the bruises, she'll just blame it on training.

Her love life is either a complete mess or completely non-existent, and to be honest Sam isn't sure which one is worse. At least when it's a mess she's still not so alone... but is companionship really worth all the stress?

By now she had been certain she'd have it all figured out, but it's all just one lesson after another to learn.

[This is an original character, written for entertainment purposes only. I'm not Sam, nor am I Amber Heard. There will possibly be adult and/or triggering information on this journal, as well as in comments made to communities by this journal. This includes but is not limited to: graphic violence, sexual content, descriptions of drug abuse, descriptions of domestic and sexual abuse, as well as graphic language. The writer and character are both well over the age of eighteen.]
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