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Mar. 20th, 2017 06:13 pm
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This is an updated (and retconned, tbh) list of Sam's tattoos. So if your character has seen Sam in any particular state of undress, they've probably seen these. Tattoos are something of a spiritual experience for Sam. While it may seem like a random collection of symbols and art, each piece holds deep meaning both personally and symbolically. As pragmatic as she appears to be, she's very serious about what her tattoos mean to her.

1) Angel wings - below the back of her neck, between her shoulder blades. This is the first tattoo she got, way back when she turned eighteen. She's since had it touched up, and had "Grace" added in pretty cursive beneath. It's her late mother's name, as well as her own middle name. It's a double meaning for her, the idea of her mother as her guardian angel, as well as her high-flying abilities in the ring.

2) Maple and clover leaves - one on each hip, small and simple designs. (Maple on the left, clover on the right.) Reflects her mostly Canadian and Irish heritage. This is the only ink she has which was sort of an impulse decision, but that doesn't make it mean any less to her.

3) Union Jack - left shoulder blade. In honor of the man who first trained her, a veteran wrestler from England who taught her everything that carried her through her wrestling career. He also doted on her, despite his grumpy reputation. She got this tattoo in her early 20s when he passed away suddenly in an awful car wreck. He'd had the same tattoo, but on his right forearm.

4) Mexican skull and sun - left thigh. Mexico was the next place she had any official training, after she left Canada, and she spent several months there. She remembers two things about Mexico: it was hot as hell, and the rings were so unforgiving that she'd never been so sore in all her life. So she decided to commemorate her time there with some ink. It's a big, flaming sun, the face of which is a Day of the Dead style skull.

5) Family crest pieces - left and right calves. Her father's line, the Murphy clan, can be traced back quite far, before they came to Canada. So when Sam asked for a family crest after a trip to visit distant relatives in Ireland, her father was all too happy to oblige. On her right leg, on the outside of her calf, is a tree. A partner piece, a roaring lion, is on her left leg in the same spot. She views the pieces as not only an homage to her name, but to her living family. The bravery and strength of the lion, and the solid dependability of trees, she finds in both her father and brother.

6) Japanese dragon and lily - right thigh. After Mexico and Ireland, the next place Sam visited that had any real meaning to her was Japan. It was here where she arguably saw the biggest moments of her career, and had some of the most memorable experiences. The dragon's head is held up high, claws and teeth bared, with the tail trailing down and curling underneath. Nestled in the tail is a vibrant Japanese lily. She's always fought to balance her strength and her femininity, and for her, this tattoo is a strong reflection of that.

7) Irish skull - left thigh. After getting the Japanese piece, she felt like something was missing. She went over some designs with a friend, and together they came up with something pretty special. Placed below the Mexican sun skull, a white skull rests, but instead of a proper eyes and nose is an upside-down three leaf clover, resting above a set of teeth locked in a grimace.

8) Love you forever - right wrist. Though she already had one tattoo that honored her mother, she wanted something more personal. Her father gave her some old letters passed between himself and his late wife, and she found a sample of her mother's handwriting to use. It's the words, "Love you forever" scrawled across her wrist as though Grace Murphy herself had put them there.

(I might try to find some picture examples of what I'm thinking of here, but that'll be posted separately. And, of course, if she decides to get more, I'll repost this and update it!)

Basic Bio

Mar. 20th, 2017 06:13 pm
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Thirty years old. Canadian. Professional ass-kicker for hire. Amateur bartender, also for hire. Pain-in-the-ass, free of charge.

She grew up outside of Toronto with her father and brother, having lost her mother at a young age. Her dad had played in the NHL, and while it was a struggle to find the time to devote to his two children, Neil Murphy never let his kids want for anything.

Always into athletics and competition, Sam played hockey as a girl, until she was kicked out of the girls’ league for being too rough. It was then that her father decided to get her into amateur wrestling, and she took to it like a duck to water.

From there the progression into professional wrestling was a natural one. She had always been a fan, staying up late to watch matches with her brother, reenacting some of their favorite moments in the backyard… so when she found the ad in the classifieds for a wrestling school, it was a given that she’d sign up.

Her skills were unrivaled, and for the most part the only things holding her back from breaking into the big leagues were her gender and her habit of getting into trouble. Still, she made a pretty big name for herself on the indie scene, traveling throughout Canada and the US, even down to Mexico to hone her skills. She would go on to travel England and Japan, staying to learn the local style wherever she went.

Japan turned out to be a bit of a niche for her, and Sam’s career was just beginning to blossom as she competed there. “Hardcore” wrestling had begun trending heavily in Japan; matches that consisted of brutally attacking one’s opponent with weapons, and though the endings were predetermined, the damage was real. It ended up being the end of her career. She was finally getting noticed by larger wrestling companies when she these hardcore matches began to take their toll on her.

Banged up and depressed, she turned to painkillers to get her through the day. Before long, she was hopelessly addicted. She wrestled where she could, found illegal street fights where she couldn’t, and scrounged up the money to survive in any way possible. But though she sold her body for violence, she never did so for sex.

During this time late in her career, when she was pulled deepest into her addiction. she ended up in a very toxic relationship with a man who abused her. She didn't see it as abuse for a long time, because she hurt him as much as he hurt her, albeit in her case it was almost always in self-defense. Things between them would escalate, with Sam trying to leave every so often until one night things went too far. From then on, he was out of her life.

By her twenty-sixth birthday, Sami was in rough shape. It took a family intervention, starting with her brother saving her life, to get her to start heading down the path to recovery. Now twenty-nine, she’s off the painkillers and starting to put her life together.
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Vanilla / romantic / lots of passion
light bondage
light violence / fighting-leads-to-sex
oral (giving and receiving)
anal (penetration and oral)
pegging (giving)
height / size differences
age differences
creampies and/or cumshots
cliche porn tropes (doctor, teacher, cop, boss, etc.)
voyeurism & exhibitionism (public sex!)
secret affairs & sneaky sex
cyber & phone sex
spanking & hairpulling
dirty talk
young love

pregnancy (in Sam's canon she is sterile)
toilet stuff
unrealistically huge cocks
extreme gore / vore

Sam prefers big, strong types, but she can be compatible (personality-wise and sexually) with many different types of men. Usually she isn't that much into kink unless she's really horny and/or really into someone. She can definitely be talked into trying new things if she can get to trust someone.

She identifies as straight and will probably get really pissed off if someone insinuates otherwise. She will take female lovers if she's feeling desperate, seeking out extremely submissive types of women to keep control of the situation. In her view, it's masturbation, and the other woman just happens to be helping her to get off. As a result she could be quite demeaning to them, and she'd get off on treating them that way.

Conversely, she'll likely be more submissive with men (especially a man she likes a lot), but she's also happy to take charge if he's into that sort of thing. The idea of treating a man like her little bitch is something she'd probably take pleasure in thinking about but would be hesitant to try.

On a more general note, but this sort of does relate back to smut-- Sam doesn't play well with magical/supernatural types. She's very reluctant to believe in anything like that at all, so I'd suggest proceeding with caution regarding that.


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